Finding Restaurant Customers


Instagram is growing again, in September 2017 they reported 800 million active users – up 33% from January 2017. Industries and businesses continue to create eye catching imagery to attract the users eye for the Instagram world. In fact it has become a dominant marketing media for flashy visually driven businesses like Fashion & Tourism.

Instagram, phone and coffee

Instagram and Food
A Perfect Pairing

Now the $800 billion US restaurant industry has been swept into the Instagram tidal wave, as restaurants, cafe’s and bistro’s convert every aspect of their customers dining experience into a picture perfect oppourtunity worthy of a geotagged picture post.

A 2018 Survey says that 22% of Americans go to a restaurant based on what the food and atmosphere looked like on Instagram or other social media.

Its become so important to be Instagram ready that there are design businesses opening to serve the need. Their job is find ways to make interesting sights within your restaurant to inspire customers to take that picture and post it on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Some ideas of interesting designs for your restaurant might include…

Snap and Post

  • Flashy mini neon signs with creative sayings
  • Creative designs on your food packaging
  • Extreme food designs that beg for a picture
  • A small set up designed to have customers pose for pictures

If you are going to try to create interesting picture ops in your restaurant here are a few thing to keep in mind….

  • Your goal is to get people’s attention and hold it, briefly
  • To create focal points within your restaurant
  • People like interesting, fun and engaging visual design
  • 22% Of customers decide to come to your restaurant because of pictures on social media

Some samples, an interesting wall painting at a restaurant in Toronto and an eye catching food plating that begs you to take a picture…. and post it!

Restaurant with Funky Wall Designs and Sayings

Funky Wall Designs and Sayings

Food Plate that is visually stunning!

Visually Stunning Food Plating










Roger Metivier, is a restaurant consultant at DinePalace and available by contacting He is a Canadian film director who created the Youtube program “Table of the Week” and was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his documentary film work.